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Thread: NVENC in Windows service / Session 0 Isolation

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    Drivers for NVIDIA NVENC and NVIDIA Tesla GPU hardware are structured in a way such that the hardware acceleration capabilities are available to applications running in Session 0 Isolation.
    According to the documentation; NVENC should be available when running Wowza as a Windows service. (ref: How to enable hardware-accelerated transcoding when running as a Windows service)

    But when I start the Windows service, start a stream that has the Transcoder Add On enabled, the log tells me "NVidia hardware acceleration is NOT available". And when I start Wowza from the desktop, it works ("NVidia NVENC hardware acceleration is available; GPU[0]: name:"Quadro K4200" version:3.0 driver:6050 ... etc")

    How can I make NVENC available even when Wowza is running as a Windows service?

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    Have you made sure you meet these requirements:
    Hardware and driver requirements

    Sorry I do not have much to add as far as help. It may be best for you to open a support ticket and work with the support team on this as there are plenty of variables to account for. You can open a ticket by emailing

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