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    Default RTSP Streaming Security

    Dear Team,

    Can you please suggest the model to implement the Streaming Url Security. Now we are trying delivery the VOD url in the below format to end users.


    so user was able to stream this content and Here i need to route the request to proxy or api to validate the user before streaming the content. if i deliver the url as shown above , user can stream the same url anytime based on this requirement. but i need to control the access policy.

    Please suggest the model which we need to follow.

    1. Token based system not suitable for us as shared in the forums.

    Raghava Reddy.K

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    Hello there,

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no methods in Wowza Server to completely secure RTSP/RTP streaming. You can refuse connections in onRTPSessionCreate but that is the only method of security. There is no encryption or DRM option at this time.

    Kind regards,


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    Is there any other method to control user streaming process?

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    I had a closer look at the updated SecureToken guide, and there is now support for RTPS streams.
    How to protect streaming using SecureToken in Wowza Streaming Engine

    Do you have any other reason why this method will not be suitable for your situation?



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    Hi Salvadore,

    Thanks for Quick Support, I think this is having sound information. but the i am using the Version 4.0.6, these features are available on 4.1.0, So let me install the latest one and configure.

    Raghava Reddy.K

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    Hi Salvadore,

    Now i have installed the Latest version and i am able to configured the Secure token details as per the given link.(How to protect streaming using SecureToken in Wowza Streaming Engine). and i have generated the Hash value using the SHA-256 Algorithm, but not able to stream the content.

    Is there any tool to verify the HASH value which is generated at server end?

    I am getting the error like "ModuleCoreSecurity[vod/_definst_] Invalid value for token start time: null" even though if i pass the starttime as "0" please suggest if any configurations are there to activate the stream instantly.

    Raghava Reddy.K
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