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Thread: Wowza nDVR overwrite disk

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    Default Wowza nDVR overwrite disk

    Hello Everybody!

    I would like to know if AddOn nDVR allows to overwrite space hard disk later a time. For example from twelve to twelve hours recycle the hard drive not to use the entire hard drive.


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    The Wowza nDVR Addon has a "delete" option for the "Archive Strategy"

    You can configure an archiving strategy that tells the DVR store what to do with an old stream when a new stream of the same application instance and stream name starts (for example, when the encoder restarts). The strategy is controlled by the DVR/ArchiveStrategy property in Application.xml. But this will be dependent on restarting the stream.

    I hope this answers your question. Kind regards,


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    Thank you for your promptness in reply Salvadore.

    So if I activate the "delete" option instead of "append" it will overwrite the hard disk space without using more space? And is it automated or just restarting the stream every day?

    Best regards,


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    That's correct, use the delete option.

    It will rely on re-starting the stream.


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    Thank you very much for all informations Salvadore.

    Best Regards,


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