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    I'm new to Wowza and would like some help with a few questions i'm having about the setup I need.

    W'ere building a streaming application that currently will require up to 30 different concurrent streams and up to 5000 concurrent users (at total).

    The expected streams should be:
    bitrate 614400
    FPS 30

    What is the best EC2 deployment/setup (number of servers and size, Wowza system architecture...) to handle it?

    Also, in case we'll want to double the size of the streams and users, which setup will allow us to it?



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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    The hard limitation is the network interface. Java is capable of saturating 5 Gbps, so this would be a limitation as to how many concurrent connections you can have which will vary based on the bitrate of the streams being viewed.

    For this reason, numerous smaller instances would be preferable to fewer large instances.

    You can use Amazon's Elastic Load Balancing feature to automatically scale request handling capacity to meet the demands of the application traffic.

    Beyond this advice, I think questions regarding Amazon's load balancing and network solutions are better directed at the Amazon support staff, although they are using Wowza we do not support their network and so can't give accurate information on server load capabilities for an individual server type.

    I hope this is helpful,


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