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Thread: Newer than new, and lost: Guidance?

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    Default Newer than new, and lost: Guidance?

    New member here, and completely lost and overwhelmed in what I'd like to try and achieve. Any guidance would be so much appreciated...

    I currently have an internet radio broadcast streaming via an automation program, 24hrs./7days. Been operating over one year now. Recently, I was visited by a rep from an Internet TV provider (CityLink) and was presented their product. It was very affordable, but in the course of one day's studying/decision, I lost the opportunity to another leaser of the channel for my city. But it got me to thinking, surely they are not the only game in town, and maybe I can find other options?

    Further explanation. My small operation is one-person. Building listenership is difficult in today's society, with so many other distractions. But, the thought of being able to offer a video feed along with my station broadcast was enticing, and I started thinking streaming local sports, and other events would surely help me to grow, and better yet, offer more local content to my area, which as many of us know, is sorely lacking. In the meantime when no live events or even prerecorded events are to be broadcast, I would envision just a still image or something similar to be displayed.

    So, can someone simply explain the basic process to me? Could it be affordable? (yes, I believe I could sell ads, sponsors for events, etc.) It would be starting as simply as one camera view, either in studio, or one in the field, for example to broadcast a high school football game with announcer.

    In several hours of searching online, I stumbled upon the site for LiveStreaming. Earlier I spoke with a Chat rep, and they referred me to look into the Wowza process.....
    Again, appreciate any guidance offered.

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    Also, I would like to think that with another video/audio streamer for my broadcast, I could leave my existing streaming audio service (Spacial) and my broadcast audio would always run on the new broadcast...

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    Biggest question I believe for me is the "bandwidth" requirements and how it ties into actual pricing. The thing that excited me most about the previously mentioned CityLink service was it broke down to roughly 38 dollars per month and that is just 3 dollars more than I now pay for just my audio streaming! And I do realize that is a dirt cheap rate, and probably very difficult to match, or even get close to...But...How do I know unless I ask?
    As far as the bandwith, I believe I read somewhere in the LiveStream area that to push video as Medium and to mobile devices would be a figure of 876 Kbps? Not sure at all what that means really to me....haha....I did a speed test for my connection, and it shows download 60.05 Mbps, and Upload of 18.23 Mbps. Again, looking to possibly do a local sporting event weekly? Or even more for different sports, if interest presented itself. I do realize that if the interest was there, I could recoup my extra bandwidth costs in sponsorship, etc....other than that, mostly just still video shots, maybe changing screens periodically to highlight advertisers?

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    Hello there. Welcome to the forum and thank you for considering Wowza as your streaming solution.

    I think the place to start would be to download a 30 day trial license and start playing around.

    Pricing starts out at 55 dollars a month. Wowza has many capabilities on its own, but also offers premium addon's on an "on demand" basis. Meaning the are ready to use with no additional licensing, you only get charge if you use them.

    Wowza also provides a mobile encoder app for Android and iOS devices called GoCoder

    I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions or need assistance.

    Kind regards,


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