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Thread: Basic Live Streaming Problem

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    Default Basic Live Streaming Problem

    I am quite new to this.

    Trying to stream a live video, I don't get an error, but the video never play.

    Theses are the steps I took.

    -Create a new stream [] in the "live" application.
    -The stream URI is from S3 Bucket. [http://[FOLDER]/video.mp4]
    -When testing with "Test Players", i get the " is now published" status, but the video never play.
    -Trying the same thing with Flash, I get the NetStream.Play.PublishNotify status, but the video never play.

    Not quite sure if I need to use an encoder or if I'm missing a step.



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    It looks like you are trying to stream a static video MP4 file as a live stream.
    What you are doing would work for a live stream sent in from a live encoder, but won't work for a static file.

    The best way to stream a static mp4 file out as a live stream is to use this Scheduled Streaming method.


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