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Thread: Custom stream prefix per application

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    Default Custom stream prefix per application

    Seems that the default stream prefix can only be set for the whole server.

    wowza 4 has the default stream prefix set to mp4 while previous wowza has it set to flv.

    The problem is now that we have imported some applications from wowza 3 don't work as the web sites are using the old URL which doesn't have the stream prefix flv: in it.
    We can't change the current server stream prefix because the new applications are using mp4: as default.

    So, is there a way to set the default stream prefix to flv in wowza 4 only for some applications? like putting it in application.xml

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    I posted there the same question by mistake, this should be regarded as the main thread

    Quote Originally Posted by karelboek View Post

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    Sorry, but as far as I am aware this is not supported.

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