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    Question IP camera on demand broadcasting

    Using a number of Axis IP cameras, would like to rebroadcast them on demand and not have the wowza server always being fed each stream. In the stream options it says you can set the mediacaster to timeout when no players are connected. Is this only for RTMP, doesn't work for HLS or HDS? If so, are there any tricks to having it only connect when needed? We're doing 720p 3Mb streams so I don't really want to have 70 cameras streaming at the same time, when we'd only ever need to be broadcasting 2-3 at a time. Any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: Also would be nice to be able to do ABR on those couple streams, but it seems when we run out of transcoder licenses and close the stream that's using the license, any transrated streams that are "Waiting for stream" don't automatically kick in and then require a reset.
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