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Thread: rtp-live issues - restream does not play first time

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    Default rtp-live issues - restream does not play first time

    I have a Live application with rtp-live stream type for restreaming an RTSP camera. Camera source is an Internet cam on LTE modem so don't want it streaming all the time if no one is looking at it. When I test using VLC player to send RTSP request to the Wowza server (WMSv3) the Wowza Mediacaster initiates the RTSP request to the camera and receives the stream, but apparently not fast enough. The Wowza server responds to the VLC player's RTSP request, but doesn't actually send the media stream. If I send a second Play request from the VLC player, everything works. The camera stream needs to be established already in order for the VLC player RTSP request to Wowza to work cleanly. Is there some delay parameter or offset I can configure on the Wowza server to allow the Mediacaster stream to get started on the back end, so the VLC client gets its stream first time?

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    This should normally work as described.
    The same should also be true for RTMP playback of that stream. Does this same occur if attempting playback from a flash RTMP player?

    There is a chance that that there are problems with the camera's initial connection. The access log in [install-dir]/logs should tell something about the connection to the camera after the play request comes in. You can post such messages here if you wish.


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