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Thread: Client disconnect on broadcaster disconnect

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    Default Client disconnect on broadcaster disconnect

    I didn't manage to find any answer to this yet, but my question is: Is there anyway to keep streaming whats left in the server memory out to clients when broadcasters disconnects? I ask this question because over a 2-3 hour stream some of our customers have had 10-15 min lag due to some buffering during the stream, so they are 10-15 min behind and once the broadcaster disconnects they are also instantly disconnected resulting in them missing the final part of the stream. Is there anyway to let them finish watching the stream outside of using nDVR?

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    nDVR is really the best option, as the stream would simply be available through til the end of the recording. It would only work for HTTP streaming though.
    The alternative would be to fall back to a file recording (VOD) of the broadcast.


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