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Thread: Live-HDS-delay 15-20 sec

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    Default Live-HDS-delay 15-20 sec

    Live multibitrate (wirecast or FLME) 2streams h264
    if played over rtmp - delay 1-2sec
    if played over http(hds) 15-20sec

    ? didn't help.

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    Hello there,

    Can you confirm you have placed these properties in the LiveStreamPacketizer/Properties section of the Application.xml file. And restart the application just to make sure they take effect.

    What is the keyframe frequency(GOP length) of the stream?
    What did you set these properties to in the Application.xml file?

    Thank you,


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    Wirecast - 240 keyframes

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    fps 25 and keyframes 50, 15-20 sec(

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    Because of the uniqueness of your request, please create a support ticket by sending an email to

    Please include a zipped copy of your /conf and /logs folders and a link to this thread as reference in your email.

    Kind regards,


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