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Thread: 1000 incoming live streams for 10 servers and playback

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    Default 1000 incoming live streams for 10 servers and playback

    Hi everyone,

    As I understand 1 server support 100 incomming live streams. So 1000 incoming live stream = 10 servers.

    So media player don't know which server got stream. So how to open stream by name and do it transparently for player?

    For example jw player connect to . But this server can got stream self, but in some cases should redirect to another server.

    How handle this cases?

    I looked live repeater, but looks like repeat tracks have another name like liveedge instread liveorigin for streams from origin server. So it's not transparently for player.


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    The load balancer will do exactly as you describe. Please see the article below:


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