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Thread: Videos slow to start streaming/not streaming

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    Exclamation Videos slow to start streaming/not streaming


    We've had a server for some time doing the same job with wowza 2.2.4 and have had a problem only now with slow to start videos.
    by slow I mean 10 or 30 seconds, sometimes more.
    The monitoring console shows nothing unusual, memory doesn't exceed 90Mb (usually 40-50). Classes are stable at around 3300. cpu rarely moves above 1%.
    The thread count though starts at 70 when I reboot the service and can end up at 400 fast. It will stay there quite consistently and will fall very briefly to 350 from time to time.

    These are my working parameters since I've added _definst_ to my stream URLs.

    I can watch 5-6 videos fine and the problem will occur/start again and not stop until I reboot the service.
    This is totally new and there is nothing in the apache/symfony/wowza logs since instance correction was done.

    If someone has ANY idea why, please, this is getting critical.


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    We would need to know a bit more detail about your setup and use to help troubleshoot this issue. To save time and be as efficient as possible, I suggest you open a ticket by emailing a zipped copy of your /conf and /log folders to

    Please also include any .stream, .smil or caption files you may be using. Provide as much detail as you can when emailing, and also a link to this thread as reference.

    Thank you,


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