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Thread: Defaults for live stream recording

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    Default Defaults for live stream recording

    I am trying to set up the defaults for recording my live streams and there is one setting I cannot work out.

    In the stream recorder defaults I have set up so that when I click record on a stream I don't need to change segmentation and versioning options. But I also wanted to change the file versioning template name but cannot find the settings for it. This means that even though some of the settings I have on default, I still have to change some of it by hand every time.

    Does anyone know of a way to change this setting?



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    Hi Simon,

    I'm not sure if this is exposed, though I could be misunderstanding your question. If you enable admin access to your login name and then navigate to your app, you'll see a tab called Properties. Click that and then click StreamRecorderDefaults. They list all of the exposed properties that can be modified from their default settings.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Paul,

    Yes I have done that and have already changed the streamRecorderSegmentationType and streamRecorderSegmentSchedule. But I cannot find a setting to change the file versioning template name. I am not sure if I am reading something completely wrong or if it is not possible. I did come across something a while ago that I think was saying I would need to create my own module but for now I am just trying to keep things simple.

    Thanks for your reply,


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    You can only specify a class that then handles the version naming convention. That Class would be specified in the 'streamRecorderFileVersionDelegate' property.
    This is covered in more detail here.


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