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Thread: Edge Servers with lots of Origin Applications

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    Question Edge Servers with lots of Origin Applications

    Hey there guys,

    I was wondering if anybody can help.

    We currently have a few origin servers, each with many different applications we use for streaming. I've recently been looking at setting up some edge servers to distribute HLS to our viewers.

    It seems the work flow goes something like this. Create an application on the Edge server that links directly to a Media Server and the target Application. As I have 6-8 applications that I use on my Media server, I need to create 8 Applications for Edge playback to that server. I also have two other media servers, so that's means I have 24 odd applications in total to cover all the applications.

    While this is fine for the time being. As I add more Origin/Edge servers, the scaling of this is going to get more and more difficult.

    Is there a better way of doing this? In my eyes it would be great if I could do something like this (https://[EdgeServerDNS]/[OriginalServerToRepeat][OriginServersApplication][Streamname]/playlist.m3u8).

    Many thanks for any help,


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    There could potentially be performance issues if speaking in terms of hundreds of applications. So it's useful to know why so many application are initially required on the origin.
    Perhaps a workflow description from you would would help us provide you with better guidance, as we may be able to point out possible alternatives.


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    Hi Daren,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I think we would need roughly about 6 or so application per Origin server on the Edge. With about 4 servers. So about 24 applications or so to provide Edge playback. It's quite a lot of applications, and each time we add a new origin server, each Edge will need 4 new applications set up.

    I think the answer for me might be using a reverse proxy with file caching. Unless Wowza offers an easier to scale method, I think this might be my best shot.


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