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Thread: can no longer stream mpeg-ts to iPads

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    Default can no longer stream mpeg-ts to iPads

    I set up a system a little over a year ago on wowza 3.6.2 server 2012.

    The system takes 12streams of ip video and 12 streams of ip audio and muxes them with ffmpeg. The combined stream is then sent over udp (one stream is udp:// and the next is on :1001 etc). I created a series of .stream files with the appropriat udp address for each stream. These were started in streammanger and had nDVR set in the application.

    In an observation room their were approx. 20 ipads that would access these streams through a simple web page and embed link that I set up. Great. But all of a sudden the ipads get no video what so ever. IT swears that the os is still ios 7 and not 8. Any thoghts on why this could suddenly break and how to fix it?


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    It does seem like something has changed since then? Any recent upgrades to software? Did you upgrade to a later version of Wowza Media Server or Wowza Streaming Engine?
    Any new OS updates installed? Encoder configuration changes or updates? Network changes made? There can be many different factors. Can you provide more details? It's very difficult to tell from this description alone.


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