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Thread: ModuleHotlinkDenial blocks localhost Testing Players

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    Default ModuleHotlinkDenial blocks localhost Testing Players

    Hi all,

    i am using the modile ModuleHotlinkDenial and works fine about mywebsite.
    But at my server the stream will be rejected when i want to test a stream in the (test) player.

    Ofcorse i fill in localhost into the properties and i have tried also the ipadres server and also domainname server but still an rejected stream.
    At my website no problem, this also in the same propertie.

    Regards Hans, The Netherlands

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    Hello there,

    Do you see any indication of this issue reported in the logs? You can start Wowza in stand alone mode [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat| and view the output in the console.

    Can you please post the contents of your Application.xml file so we can take a look?

    Kind regards,


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    I tried a new instance ( trail) and the same problem.
    Here you can find the logs en aplication.xml

    Thanks Hans

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