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Thread: Apple hls played file tracking form smil file

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    Default Apple hls played file tracking form smil file

    hi i am using wowza streaming engine 4 , to stream smil file
    i am able to trace events when file play on flash,
    and gether informantions like , which file play , time etc,
    in onConnect() event,
    precisely i want to get which file is played from my smil file.
    but in case of apple hls streaming when i try to get file name in onHTTPSessionDestroy() method , eg.

     public void onHTTPSessionDestroy(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession) {
        			String streamName = httpSession.getStreamName();

    i only get the name of smil file , not the actual file played .

    is it possible to get the played file info in wowza hls steaming

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    There are new API's which may accommodate this request:
     public void onHTTPStreamerRequest(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession, IHTTPStreamerRequestContext reqContext)
    And specific to HLS:
    public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino httpSession, HTTPStreamerCupertinoRequestContext reqContext)
    There is also a validation event handler:
    Implement the IVHostHTTPStreamerRequestValidator interface and handle the validateHTTPStreamerRequest event.

    You can find more information in the ServerSideAPI guide that ships with Wowza [install-dir]/documentation/WowzaStreamingEngine_ServerSideAPI.pdf

    Kind regards,


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    The onHTTPCupertinoStreamerRequest is not mentioned in the Server Side API documentation (yet) I found the onHTTPStreamerRequest as part of the IHTTPStreamerRequestNotify. Where do I implement this interface; as a part of a module or in the same way as the IVHostHTTPStreamerRequestValidator (see page 1840 of the API PDF)?

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    This has been made available by extending ModuleBase:
    public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino httpSession, HTTPStreamerCupertinoRequestContext reqContext){
    Sorry for any confusion or misdirection.

    Kind regards,


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