I have successfully installed the Wowza Streaming Server in my Personal Computer that computer has a public IP address. I am expert in WAMP. The IP address is accessible from different network if I configure my real IP as a WAMP server IP. But, when I am trying to access my WOWZA streaming server feed in JWPlayer publish now video. It's couldn't connect the server.

What I did actually? Let me explain-

a. Wowza installed in Windows7
b. Windows 7 has a real IP.
c. I changed hosts file like following
d. I installed Xeus Playout
e. Getting Xeus video feed in Adobe Flash Media Encoder and connecting it with WOWZA live
f. JWplayer feed is working when I am in local PC but, it is not accessible from different network.

JWplayer is working like following-


How to configure Wowza Streaming Server to use streaming server from different network? Please Help