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    Hello all.

    Totally new to Wowza, and completely lost. So would really appreciate your help in getting my head wrapped around this

    Let's say that I wanted to set up a site like Twitch.TV (I don't really, but we'll use it as a good analogy for what I'm trying to do). So people will live stream to my server (for example, by using:, and other people can then view these streams.

    I would need to give them (new streamers) some sort of stream ID and some sort of identifier (password?) when they click the "I want to stream!" button, so that they can start streaming. But I have to idea how to get Wowza to generate these programmatically (i.e. without going into the console). Isn't there an API I can use? What am I missing here?


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    As a starter, you could look at integrating our ModuleRTMPAuthenticate module into your app. This maintains a MySQL database of allowed publishers, so you can control a large list of username and passwords of those allowed to publish. It should be straightforward to build a wrapper around that in HTML to enable/disable the credentials. You could extend the database to include their RTSP URLs (or just store a single RTSP entry with username/password as part of the URL).

    You can manage streams via the Stream Manager interface, e.g. http://[wowza-ip]:8086/streammanager/index.html. Again that could be controlled via code. The server side API will certainly provide more low level control over this. Please check it out and also our server side modules and code examples, particularly the sections dealing with the streammanager.


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