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Thread: high cpu usage java

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    Default high cpu usage java

    i'm using the loadtest tool for live
    i've got a brand new server 8 core 64gb ram(ubuntu 14) and with as little as 450 connections the cpu is 50/ it a normal behavior ? it seems a bit high to me...any thoughts ?


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    I have to assume you have tuned this machine (target) and the (client) machine? As well as configured the VHost of the "client" machine to use its own thread pool?

    By default, Wowza Streaming Engine is configured to use a server-level thread pool. To configure a VHost-level thread pool, edit [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml and make the following changes:
    * HandlerThreadPool/PoolSize: 60 x [total-core-count]
    * TransportThreadPool/PoolSize: 40 x [total-core-count]

    I also assume you have this new machine acting as the target? Meaning you have a second machine configure with the load test tool?

    Wowza suggests you use this tool to simulate from 200 to 400 Flash RTMP player connections on each client computer.

    As long as you are seeing statements like the following, I would say things are running correctly:
    Status running:100 currBehind:0
    Kind regards,


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    hello thanks for your reply

    of course i changed the poolisze values on the client server.

    i forgot to mention that the high cpu usage was on the target server (the one being loadtested)

    been performing additionnal tests, now with 1500 concurrents users. working fine.

    another question regarding load: the same server is handling the video/audio streams and 3 sharedObjects (1 for the chat, 1 for the users list, and 1 for the runtime room settings.

    from your experience, do you think a server with features as mentionned above (64gb ram, 8 core cpu) is able to handle both medias streams and sharedobjects, for between 1000 and 1500 users ?

    how heavy shared objects can be compared with the streams ?

    ps: a sharedObject loadtest feature would be great in the load testing tool...of course can achieve this by creating custom server side functions but....

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences

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