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Thread: Introduce a 30 sec delay to live stream

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    Default Introduce a 30 sec delay to live stream

    Hi, all

    I have been told by the support that I can use nDVR add-on to introduce a 30 sec delay for my live stream.

    Here is my situation:

    I have live stream from an IP camera, when user is viewing the live stream from client side, he is actually viewing the 30 sec older camera feed from reality, this is NOT the case which the user can drag the progress bar to play the earlier live stream.

    Therefore the user cannot manipulate the video progress bar, and they are view the 30 sec older feed as their 'live' stream.

    Do not If I explain clear enough....

    Is there anyway to achieve that? I have read the nDVR document using this link:

    But did not get any luck.

    I am new to Wowza, and exploring the possibility for our upcoming new project.

    Please help me out here, thanks in advance.


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    I am also replying you in ticket #111108, but I would like to post my answer here as well so that other Wowza community members can benefit.

    To accomplish the scenario you have described you will need to use the Wowza nDVR Playlist Request API. Please take a look at the following forum article describing how to configure nDVR and use this API: How to use Wowza nDVR Playlist Request API

    If you want to transcode the IP camera streams into multiple bitrates using the Wowza Transcoder addon, you will need to follow the instructions described in the following forum article: How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming

    Please note that the transcoding process is CPU intensive and you will need to perform a series of tests prior to going into production in order to determine the capacity of your server. The following article describes how to configure and use Wowza Streaming Engine media server software to capture transcoder performance benchmark numbers for your specific hardware and operating system configuration.
    How to capture Wowza Transcoder AddOn benchmark statistics

    Here is an article showing some performance benchmark results form the tests we have performed internally: Wowza Transcoder AddOn performance benchmark

    The best way to get accurate results for your own platform, is to perform your own tests on your hardware.


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    Hi Zoran,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have read the links you sent me. My guessing is I need to use UTC Based Request?

    For example, and calculate 30 secs earlier then the current time, then send as part of the request?


    This will stream the live streaming 30 seconds earlier the current time is 2014-12-05 8:31:00 ?

    But I am wondering how to guarantee the time is correct in this case when the client sending request from client side, any way to syc with the server time?

    By the way, I have get the adaptive stream working and the performance in terms of CPU usage is acceptable. On now the only issue is this 30 sec delay before we go for wowza.

    Thanks for your help.

    Update: I have read it further, it seems like we can add our own code to modify the default behaviours.

    Potentially, I can deal with the request and calculate the available time for the stream, and reduce 30 seconds from the end of the stream available time, then forward the request?

    Is that a right way?
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