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Thread: live schedule can not run

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    Default live schedule can not run

    i put streamschedule.smil in /usr/local/Wowza.../content
    my file
    and i test on and see nothing

    I have already install WowzaServerAddOnCollection_4.0 and config in Server.xml in .../conf

    , some one help me step to step ?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Have you tested playback locally with one of the example players that ship with Wowza? [install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/...

    If you try to connect to the Wowza server from outside the servers network what do you see in the browser? Enter [wowza-ip]:1935 in a browser and you should get the Wowza version number.

    If you are not seeing this it probably means you need to forward TCP port 1935 (in your router) to the computer running Wowza. Or on your network you need to map port 1935 to the server running Wowza.

    This is a helpful resource:

    Also, in your log files you should see messages reporting that the StreamPublisher has loaded the schedule and started each of the streams. It will also log any errors. Please look at the logs to see if it is reporting any issues. You can start Wowza in stand alone mode [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat to view the log output in the console.

    Kind regards,


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