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Thread: How to verify if quicksync really works?

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    Default How to verify if quicksync really works?

    I've configured transcoder with Quick Sync enabled on my PC. CPU is i5-4670 with 4600 graphics, it has the capability. However, main GPU in this PC is NVidia GTX 660. Intel 4600 driver is installed too.

    When I restart Wowza server (it was configured as a Windows service) I see in %install-dir%\logs\wowzastreamingengine_error.log the errors "Intel Quick Sync accelerated encoding is not available when running as a service on Windows". Well, fine at least it tries to start. Then I shut it down and start it in standalone mode with %install-dir%\bin\startup.bat. It starts, no errors in log, but the CPU load is about 35-50%. When doing software transcoding it also was about 35-50% of CPU load, so it seems like no hardware acceleration is applied.

    Any way to check if it really transcodes as Quick Sync? Do I have to use Intel 4600 as the main GPU for it to be able to "Quick Sync" the transcoder?

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    Hello there.

    Please take a look at this guide which describes the basic specifications for workstation and server-level computers that support Intel Quick Sync:
    Server specifications for Intel Quick Sync acceleration with Wowza Transcoder AddOn

    In the above guide is a link to an alternative solution as well. Which I will include here:
    How to enable hardware-accelerated transcoding when running as a Windows service

    If everything at your end checks out with the required specs guide, I would suggest opening a support ticket by sending the following folders to

    Kind regards,


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    I've read articles you suggested, and with some other exploration, well, looks like Quick Sync is unfortunately will not be available for me anyway.

    Speaking about support, I've searched the site for info and what I've found is like support for customers, forum for others. Right now I'm evaluating Wowza as an option to migrate to from the current (not flexible) solution. Will it be okay to consult directly with the support if I'm not an actual customer?

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    I believe with an active trial or developer license you will be able to contact

    If you have questions about Wowza's capabilities, options or pricing structure, you can contact

    Kind regards,


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