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Thread: streaming engive 4.1.1 re-stream RTSP stream vido = no / audio = yes

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    Default streaming engive 4.1.1 re-stream RTSP stream video = no / audio = yes



    - wowza 4.1.1 developer lic.
    - encoder RTSP from network camera 1080p30 2Mbps
    - application live >> follow instructions
    - result no video but has audio
    - bytes in is ok same as bitrate
    - bytes out only audio out

    vlc call RTSP direct to camera ok

    vlc call RTSP from wowza only audio

    network in/out

    please help

    best regards
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    Hello there, please see this troubleshooting guide for missing audio or video from IP camera stream:
    Missing audio or video

    Kind regards,


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