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Thread: Archived Transcoder Renditions are Audio Only

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    Default Archived Transcoder Renditions are Audio Only

    I have a client that is using FMLE. His live stream seems to be fine, at least Flash to the desktop. I need to gather more info about his transcoded live HLS streams.

    But what is confusing is his archived streams coming out of the transcoder. Despite the fact that he is streaming video (w/audio), the archived transcoder renditions are all the same file size and only contain audio.

    He is my only client using FMLE. Everyone else uses Wirecast or Tricaster. He is the only one having an issue.

    Any ideas?

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    It may be possible that your customer is pushing through video that is not supported by the transcoder.
    The default video codec for FMLE is usually VP6, that will play fine in flash playback, but not http streaming. Ensure that the video is configured for H.264 in FMLE.


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