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Thread: How do I pass onConnect params through an Edge / Origin setup

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    Exclamation How do I pass onConnect params through an Edge / Origin setup

    Hey all, I have a custom module that I've created and during onConnect I am passing 2 params so that I can authenticate the user. This worked great until I set up a live edge repeater.

    I set up a basic live edge repeater and I'm pretty sure my security settings are setup in a way to pass the user connection just fine. I am able to connect to the origin via the edge but my onConnect params are coming through to the origin as null.

    How do I pass my params through the edge to to the origin when the flash application connects.


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    Hello there.

    Wowza has a single connection per protocol per stream to the origin. For this reason there is no way (That I know of) to forward URL params from edge to origin, as it would not be useful.

    An alternative would be for you to use IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider using appInstance.setRepeaterQueryString(..) . Or the default QueryString property in Application.xml to do this:
    Ex: <QueryString><![CDATA[param1=value1&param2=value2]]></QueryString>
    Take a look at this module as a reference:
    How to do user authentication for Flash RTMP client using JDBC connection to MySQL database

    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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