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Thread: HLS Playback Start Time: RTSP vs MPEG-TS source stream

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    Default HLS Playback Start Time: RTSP vs MPEG-TS source stream


    I'm using startMediaCasterStream() to dynamically connect to a set of streams that are then re-streamed with HLS.
    I'm noticing big playback start time differences between an RTSP and an MPEG-TS source: it takes around 0.5-0.7 seconds to connect to the MPEG-TS stream and between 4-15 !! seconds or the RTSP source

    The intervals above are the time between the startMediaCasterStream() call and the time the streams appear as published (logged in a custom module), so before the actual HLS segmentation begins (the final playback start time would be this time + at least 2 x chunk target duration, in my case 3000).

    Is this caused by transmuxing or are there some options to be tweaked in order to speed up the playback start time? I tried disabling the jitter buffer, packet sorting etc. but it doesn't seem to affect the start time.

    Thank you for any suggestions/ideas.
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    Ok, I sorted this out. By default the AVSyncMethod for RTP is senderreport. RTCP ports were unreachable so it tried to get a SR multiple times before giving up, hence the wait time.
    Turning off the StreamValidator further reduced the time.

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    Thanks for the update and glad to hear you sorted this out.



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