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Thread: Streamit lukas video and wowza 4.1.1

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    Default Streamit lukas video and wowza 4.1.1


    we have an IPTV platform running v4.0.4 and some Lukas video client connected,
    we have a big problem when try to upgrade to v 4.1.1 .
    Lukas play stream at 1Mbp/s, H.264, 25FPS, Baseline 3.0, Keyframe 2 sec, AAC 48Khz 96kbp/s - send from FMLE .
    when try to upgrade 4.1.1, the lukas is unable to connect and the hls connection counts on server increase fast, I think for redial attempt on lukas .
    we have two platform : v4.0.4 and 4.1.1 : in the latest version is impossible play stream using Lukas. no problem with other HLS stb or client .
    same behaviour if test in my local server .

    any idea ?


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    It's best if we troubleshoot this more closely.
    Please send an email to and include a link to this forum thread and the following:

    - A ZIP file containing your conf/, logs/, transcoder/ and manager/logs folders. If you are not sure how to get this information please see this tutorial.

    Please do make sure you provide logs which show Wowza server starting.


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    Hi Daren,

    ok, I have send email at support .



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