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Thread: RTMP pause problem!!

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    Exclamation RTMP pause problem!!


    I am trying to configure wowza with flowplayer, currently i am using wowza tiral version and flowplayer free version. My interest is to use rtmp for vod streaming.
    When i pause a video, the load dont stop, screen here:
    Also the server don't stop sending data, screen:
    is this normal? when using rtmp and the video is paused it should not load any more bytes, also the wowoza should stop sending bytes.

    Is this any kind of bug or it is normal? please any help will be very appreciate.
    Thank you

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    This behavior is built into the RTMP protocol. Streaming will continue for up 60 seconds to allow the client to immediately continue playback while the connection is re-established

    This is normal.

    Kind regards,


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