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    anybody can tell me a good company for dedicated server wid intel quad core

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    Any preferences with regards to where in the world the server must be? Try LeaseWeb (US, DE, NL, SG), WebNetHosting (US), DataSource (CH), 100TB, OneProvider, etc. Also depends on what your requirements are with regards to connectivity.

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    i just had a company who told me I had RAID 10 say that "2 drives failed at once and so you lost all your data" ?
    in any case...I too need a new dedicated server company.

    currently, my users can choose USA or EU in their control panel

    for my EU i have been using

    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 V2 @ 3.20GHz
    Cores : 4
    Cache : 8192KB
    2x 8192MB
    2 x 2000 GB
    Real Time Monitoring version
    Kernel version

    @ 100 MPS

    for US I need at least that and would like RAID using 3 x 2 TB SATA3 or RAID 10 but so far costs have been too high where I looked.

    or...........................---> maybe i should use Amazon for the video hosting? Is it a better deal for wowza hosting (the content) and as fast as dedicated?
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    @bobmane, what is your budget? Remember that US dedicated servers generally are more expensive than EU.

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    budget is not high. server could be US or Canada. would not be able to spend more than around 100.00 a month for N American server.

    right now i pay

    wowza x2 110.00
    EU Server 90 month
    US server ?

    might have to look at other configurations? what about getting amazon - does that eliminate the need for separate servers?

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    Once you start to review your entire server setup, there's a 1000 possibilities which I can't elaborate here. One of them is AWS EC2 indeed, although I'm not too fond of the network bandwidth that they offer. They generally count on you using CloudFront (CDN) if you want to distribute to a larger audience. If you want to look for interesting dedicated server deals, take a look at Dedicated Hosting Offers, but keep in mind that cheap may mean rubbish ...

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    "I'm not too fond of the network bandwidth that they offer"

    what do they offer if not using CF?

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    it seems to even start to stream you would need this:

    Memory 15 GiB
    CPU 8 EC2
    Compute Units (4 virtual cores with 2 EC2 Compute Units each)
    Storage 4 x 420 GB
    Platform 64-bit
    Network performance High
    API Name m1.xlarge

    est $583.00 a month
    i guess could do reserved image and save up to 60% but this doesn't count EBS, S3 and CF

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