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Thread: GoCoder not sending the stream

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    Default GoCoder not sending the stream

    it seems to have configured everything correctly on the server side and on GoCoder.
    In fact the app can connect to the server i see 'connected' printed.
    I can see the stream on Incoming Streams on the server.
    When i open the test player, to receive the stream i can see the connection too.
    But the incoming bit or out bit are empty and the stream is black on the player.
    How is it possible? Is it because i am on Trial version?


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    Hi Joel,

    You should be able to publish to a trial version of Wowza using GoCoder. If not done already, can you do a quick test using the Test Player screen and play the sample.mp4 file in its various output formats to ensure that there isn't a local issue? It would be useful to test with a live stream too if possible.

    If you're able to view them then it may be best to raise a support request.

    Kind regards,


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