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Thread: Save local copy of the video

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    Default Save local copy of the video


    We are using about 40 iPhones world around to broadcast live lessons on our Wowza streaming engine, and save them on the server. Unfortunately, it is not rare that although the live stream is fine, the recorded mp4 file is corrupted (mov atom is missing). We assume that this is cause by bad cellular reception. Is there any way to save a local copy of the video on the iPhone?


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    I do not beleive that is currently a feature within GoCoder.

    However I will add i would love to see that feature added!!

    Official Feature Suggestion/Request:

    VOD Example:

    Upon app instalising check if we have an active internet connection, mobile data connection, wifi, other; will need a way to properly determin this.
    Upon initiating a VOD recording, start recording directly to the devices internal or Expantion sotrage card.

    If an active internet is detected start pushing the saved sections of the inprogress recording to the specified wowza server, mark as complete once uploaded and remove from temp storage, keep track of percent sucessfully uploaded incase of internet connection interuption, allow for pauses/resume uploading.

    If not internet is detected continue recording untill finished (mark as pending upload.) when an active internet connection is next detected check for any media "pending upload" and upload, once uploaded remove from temp storage.

    This hugely benefits every one, as eyalhasson pointed out initially if your mid stream, recording and you loose internet connection currently thats it your recording stops there and you have to start over, with the suggested system your not interupted, you can continue your recording and then relocate to a better reception area where your internet connection is active again and then continue uploading.

    Food for thought!

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    This has been requested before, I'll pass on that you're interested in this feature to our GoCoder engineering and Product Management teams.


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    I would like to see this feature added and also:

    Calling/Starting Go Coder from another app with A) Source selection B) Server selection C) Bitrate, Frame Rate, Key Frame and Image Size Settings.

    Is this possible now? If not, is there another h.264 Android streamer for Wowza you can recommend that accomplishes this?

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    Default Stop an Start local recording / streaming

    Also, would like to see stop an start streaming / recording

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    Thank you for your suggestions. We'll make sure to pass along your feedback to our Product Management team for consideration.


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