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Thread: How to measure video quality objectively

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    Default How to measure video quality objectively

    Want to measure the video quality (e.g. V-MOS, PEVQ) objectively for video conferencing/ video streams for webRTC endpoints.
    Any opensrc tool available to capture the RTP data and measure the video quality? Please advise

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Please take a look at this module and see if it suits your needs:
    Module to calculate bitrate of a video on demand stream

    For live or static streams, the Quality of Service metrics in NetStream can show what you are actually consuming client-side:
    // do this on interval or timer:
    var nsi:NetStreamInfo;
    nsi =;
    For live streams, server-side, you can use IPerformanceCounter. There is getMessagesInCountRate() and getMessagesOutCountRate() which should give a snapshot.

    Kind regards,


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    Thanks much for the help. I'm quite new to this. Let me discuss this stuff with my team. Will let you know the results.

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    Hi Salvadore,
    trying to revisit this video quality issue.
    I have a webRTC application to create a conf. room. After I created the conf, I get the following stats from the endpoint (my laptop Chrome browser):

    Measurements Video
    Codec VP8
    Bit Rate (kbps) 762
    Current RTT (ms) 94
    Frame Rate Sent 30
    Nacks Received 0
    FIRs Received 19
    PLIs Received 0

    is there a formula/tool to compute the video quality in terms of an objective/quantative number to indicate the video is very good, acceptable or bad etc. ?
    Appreciate your input.

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