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Thread: How to view the detail of caching

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    Default How to view the detail of caching

    Dear everyone,

    Does Wowza support to show the details of Media Caching Store?
    I want to know some information such as which Video is still caching, which period of time the Video is caching in the Caching store.

    Thank you.

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    Hello there.

    You can use JConsole, which shows quite a bit of information about what is stored(in terms of bytes) and at what rate etc.
    How to use JConsole with Wowza Media Server

    Under the MBeans tab, open the WowzaStreamingEnging folder, and there you will find the MediaCache folder.

    Also, you can enable MediaCache debugging which will print out whats in cache. From the Engine Manager choose Server/Server Setup/Properties/Custom/Edit/Add Custom Property
    Path: /Root/Server/
    Property: MediaCacheDebugLog
    Type: boolean
    Value: true

    Or edit [install-dir]/Server.xml and add the following property to the Properties section at the end of the file, then re-start Wowza:
    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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    Dear Salvadore,

    It's very useful for me.
    I had added the property

    How can I see the information which print out whats in cache?
    Is there a website like "http://[server-ip]:8086/serverinfo" ?

    Thank you,
    Hung Nguyen Manh.
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