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Thread: PushPublishModule trouble

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    Default PushPublishModule trouble


    I have multiple push configurations stored in PushPublishMap.txt. However only those are working where the Live streams start after the server has fully loaded.

    Is there some way I could make the PushPublishMap pick up streams that began before that Push module itself was loaded?
    Any code sample how to do that? We have a playlist starting to play when the server starts. However the stream on which this playlist is playing never gets to be Push-published. There is not a single word about it in any of the logs. (debug Logging is enabled).

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    You can create a custom push publishing module using the Wowza Streaming Engine Push Publishing API. Please take a look at the example provided in the How to push streams to CDNs and other services (Push Publishing) forum article.

    I hope this helps.


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