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    Ok so first i did push publish wowza > wowza it worked fine then they wanted a backup incase something went wrong.
    This is the pushpublish im trying to do{profile:"rtmp", application:"live2", streamName:"leo.petsson.s3q8-sy3y-aagm-fzffl", host:""}{profile:"rtmp", application:"live2?backup=1", streamName:"leo.petsson.s3q8-sy3y-aagm-fzffl", host:""}
    but they are saying they get nothing, i read youtube guide aswell anny1 se a problem?

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    According to the youtube guide the URL syntax should be:
    myStream={profile:rtmp, streamName: myaccount.u8w0-z0pr-c4qx-7jt1,, application: live2}
    So change
    This{profile:"rtmp", application:"live2", streamName:"leo.petsson.s3q8-sy3y-aagm-fzffl", host:""}
    To This{profile:rtmp, streamName: leo.petsson.s3q8-sy3y-aagm-fzffl, application: live2}

    You can check for this message in the logs which indicates a successful connection to YouTube:
    ModulePushPublish: ********** CONNECT ***** to myaccount.u8w0-z0pr-c4qx-7jt1 app: [application-name]/_definst_
    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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