We had installed trial version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.x and were able to view live H264 video of IP camera(provides H264 & MPEg4 streams). We didn't do any settings after the install.

Later we installed Perpetual license and NO Transcoder add on. The stream has stopped since then.

Q1: If IP camera has H264 stream and we want Wowza to stream it out without any decode/encode, does it still need transcoder add on to provide live H264 stream?

Q2: If IP camera has two H264 and MPEG4 streams and we provide ".stream1" in stream file (assuming first/primary stream on camera is H264), will Wowza need transcoder add on to provide H264 out without any decode/encode?

Q3: If we have 10 IP cameras with two streams(264 & mpeg4), do we need multiple transcoder add-on license?

Q4: Are there any conditions where Wowza is forced to do decode/encode(even when transcoder is not present) depending on the client player?

We switched the license back from perpetual to trial, still we don't get video. The VLC doesn't see any stream.

Please advise,