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Thread: change format of ${SegmentTime}

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    Default change format of ${SegmentTime}

    Hi, we have wowza streaming engine installed and we are recording our streams which are segmented every hour.
    We currently using ${SegmentTime} to construct part of the file name, however is it possible to adjust the time format?
    currently ${SegmentTime} structures the time like 2014-02-11-
    but we wish to simplify it so its more like 2014-02-11-08 (year-month-day-hour)

    Does anyone know if this is possible?


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    Stream Recorders rely on a file version delegate to generate a file name for use by the recorder. Wowza Streaming Engine has two built-in file version delegates, StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate and StreamRecorderSimpleFileVersionDelegate.
    Here is an example on how you can build a customised file lame versioning.


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