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Thread: High Server Load

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    Default High Server Load

    Hello Wowza,

    We are having problem on very high server load on linux machine at 750+ (load average)

    more details for java process:

    VIRT = 10.7g
    RES = 2.3g
    CPU = 115
    MEM = 4.9

    On my performance tuning on wowza i have this setup:

    Java Heap Size
    Production level
    10000 MB
    Java Garbage Collection Settings
    Concurrent collector (recommended)
    -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:NewSize=512m

    Server specs:

    OS Architecture

    Total: 47.26 GB
    Available: 269.08 MB

    Processor Cores

    Java Version

    Java Bitness

    this happens when i added a custom module, i have no idea how to fix it, i hope you can help us with this


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    If this is only occurring when you add a custom module, I would advise you seek help from the custom module developer
    as there may well be a known issue with the module itself. That's certainly the best place to start.


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    yeah it started when i add custom module, ok thanks for the advice

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