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Thread: New livestreamrecord httpprovider V2 with response?

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    Default New livestreamrecord httpprovider V2 with response?

    We are trying to implement elegant way to receive response after recording has started/stopped (livestreamrecord). Default behavior is redirection to index.html with all streams for one applications, where we need to parse that html to get this info or to invoke another httphandler just for this. It would be great to have 2 in 1 with XML response. Module is not good also because we are recording on demand not always.
    Now I am searching for livestreamrecord httphandler code to add my logic on top of it, but without any luck. Can someone give me any advice how to implement it, what to use in this handler?


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    If you require assistance with this custom work, we do have a list of independent consultants which is available on request by sending an email to
    Alternatively you can post in our Find a consultant forum for assistance.


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