Dear Wowza support team,

we currently use an Adobe FMLE 3.2 Encoder Command Line Interface (FMLECmd.exe) on Windows to publish a Livestream to our Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.0 build12602.

The live publishing point is configured in a way that it requires RTMP and RTSP authentication for incoming streams.

We pass the credentials to the FMLE in the following way:

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2\FMLECmd.exe" /p "livestream.xml" /ap usernameassword

However it happens from time to time that the FMLEcmd.exe publishing to the primary (Wowza) server gets disconnected, and after that it cannot reconnect to the streaming server.
If we manually close the console window and restart the FMLEcmd.exe command, a new connection with credentials is established without any problems.

I assume that the authentication credentials in the FMLEcmd.exe are only applied for a single stream session and not for the entire encoding session.

Do you know any workaround on how to re-establish a lost RTMP push stream connection within the FMLEcmd.exe?

Or is there any known issue on the Wowza Streaming Engine that it loses an incoming authenticated RTMP connection from time to time? Because the strange thing is that we obviously had continuous internet access during this issue occurence but Adobe Flash Media Encoder nevertheless reported a "connection closed" message.

Thanks for every suggestion.