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Thread: Change Playback Stream Key

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    Default Change Playback Stream Key

    Hello Wowza,

    We have problem on displaying the stream key on page source, so i would like to ask if theres a module or sample module to make it so the stream key will be different from playback,


    this is the stream key that we will be using to publish a stream using encoders such as OBS and XSplit

    rtmp url : rtmp://
    stream key : live_ABC123

    we would like the stream key to be something different on playback like:

    stream key : playback_ABC123

    so no one will know the publishers stream key even if they look at the page source on the browsers


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    You can do that by using the StreamNameAlias AddOn. Please take a look at the How to get the StreamNameAlias AddOn forum article.


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    I will take a look at it, Thanks Zoran

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