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Thread: Recording to MP4 container

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    Exclamation Recording to MP4 container

    I tried recording a live stream directly from flash applet camera and microphone to MP4 container, it did recorded the video but even JWPlayer, VLC and Quicktime player was unable to playback the mp4 video, I see this in the error log:
    WARN server comment 2015-01-26 01:17:36 - - - - - 854.813 - - - - - - - - []LiveStreamRecorderMP4: Unsupported video format for MP4 container: CODEC_VIDEO_SPARK
    WARN server comment 2015-01-26 01:17:36 - - - - - 854.814 - - - - - - - - []LiveStreamRecorderMP4: Unsupported audio format for MP4 container: CODEC_AUDIO_NELLYMOSER

    Any suggestions how to be able to record a playable MP4 from standard flash live stream at least on JW Player? Thanks...

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    if recording a Flash stream it is likely to be recorded within an FLV container. Try prefixing the filename with flv, e.g. http://[wowza-ip]:1935/vod/flv:recording.flv. Otherwise Wowza may assume it is an MP4 container. You can change the default stream prefix from MP4 to FLV within Wowza Streaming Engine Manager via Server settings if you are always going to be playing or recording in FLV format.


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    yes, I know about recording defaults to FLV, but what I want to have is a playable MP4 format recorded from a flash live stream, any suggestions on how to achieve this?

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    You may find the following article of interest. It explains how to set up a Flash application that can push H.264 and Speex audio into the Wowza Transcoder. This will generate a playable MP4 output with compatible video and audio. It does require the Transcoder AddOn, but removes any intermediate processing.


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    any other ideas?

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    The best that the flash player can do is record video as H.264 and Audio as Speex. That later is not compatible with the NP4 container, so will require converting to MP3 or AAC.
    You can either do that in the Transcoder as Paul directed above, or record to .FLV and then post process that file to an MP4. There are some example FFMPEG commands in this article.


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