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Thread: GOP, Keyframe Interval

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    Default GOP, Keyframe Interval

    Hello Wowza,

    I have been searching a way on how to set the GOP (group of pictures, or keyframe interval), is this possible without using Transcoder Addon?


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    The GOP/keyframe interval is set at the source. Wowza can do this within the Transcoder as it is essentially acting as an encoder. If Wowza is ingesting the stream then the keyframes need to be set within the external encoder.


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    Hello there.

    If this is a live stream, you should be able to set these details in the encoder, or through the IP camera interface. If you do not have access to these details then you would need to use the Transcoder.

    For VOD stream, you could use FFmpeg:
    How to encode video on demand content

    These guides may also be helpful:
    How to use FFmpeg with Media Wowza Server (MPEG-TS)
    How to use VLC as a live stream encoder with Wowza Media Server (MPEG-TS)

    Kind regards,


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    I was just trying if there is a way to set it without transcoder addon, so yeah it should be on source thanks for the clarification Salvadore and Paul, I appreciate it

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    No problem Ken,

    Looks like you got extra value on this question .


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