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Thread: Transcoder Addon introducing latency more than 30 sec.

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    Default Transcoder Addon introducing latency more than 30 sec.

    Hi all
    I am publishing stream(H264 + Nelleymoser)(800 * 600) from flash code to wowza server(4.1.1).
    I am using ffmpeg to covert Nelleymoser to AAC conversion and downgrade video resolution to 360p video.
    This process introduces delay approx 8sec.
    When I play rtmp stream it works fine, but for HLS I experienced delay more than 30 sec.
    I am already using low-latency configuration.
    Please let me know how can I reduce this delay.
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    HLS (and other HTTP streaming types) does have an inherent delay of about 30 seconds by default, and this is based on Apple's HLS specification.
    You can reduce the delay by adjusting the packetization parameters for HLS, by following this guide.


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