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Thread: Video conference streaming project

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    Default Video conference streaming project

    Good evening,
    i would like to ask a technical opinion about a project i should develope.

    Sintetically the project concerns:

    1) A video conference room with two or more speakers remotely connected do their speech and discussion
    2) An audience of n attenders that just look and see at the conference in realtime but not necessarily should have the capability to interact.

    Do you think it is feasible with wowza?

    Thank you for any help, opinion and comment.

    Massimo Ivaldi

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    There is an online video chat example here:

    If you have 2 chat clients you would just provide their streaming URLs to a wider audience for live viewing. The example uses flash players to encode
    and broadcast the streams. You could do something similar with standalone encoders if required.


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    Hey!! Thank you very much

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