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Thread: Wowza nDVR playlist request API parameters

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    Default Wowza nDVR playlist request API parameters

    I'm using wowza built in for selecting a portion of recorded stream. I'm a little confused here because I'm not getting the expected result when passing a query. Can anyone elaborate what does wowzadvrplayliststart parameter do? For example, if I want to play the content from the beginning through some duration can I always use 0 or does it shift with the recording window?

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    The nDVR recording window is using a sliding window concept. So, if you have configured your nDVR to use a 1h recording window, this means that if you make a playback request using the playlist request delegate at 2:00 pm, and the wowzadvrplayliststart parameter is set to 0, this means that your player should start playing back the content recorded at 1:00 pm.
    Since the recording is a sliding window, and old nDVR chunks are deleted while new nDVR chunks are created, if you use the same nDVR playback URL (having the wowzadvrplayliststart parameter set to 0) to start a stream at 2:15 pm, the content being streamed to the player would be the one recorded at 1:15 pm, because that is the start of your recording window at that particular time.


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