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    Dear Salvadore,

    Hope doing Good.

    We are planning to procure hardware for one of our client for a project, so we need to send the hardware sizing, Could you please help me with the hardware configuration required for the server.
    We are going to provide the below features.
    1. Video on demand.
    2. Live streaming (Assuming that this stream will receive from outside).
    The client has below items in 10Gbps bandwidth and more over How many licenses are required for this features to be delivered from wowza?
    Below mentioned are the requirements for sizing of the hardware.
    10000 Concurrent users
    60% of the users are in live streaming and
    40% of the users are in VOD streaming.

    Raghava Reddy.k
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    Hello Raghava.

    I read this response from a Wowza support team member Mac, to a similar question and I think he covered what needs to be covered:
    How to setup server for 10k viewer in the same time?

    I hope you find this as comprehensive as I did.

    Kind regards,


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