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Thread: GoCoder Streaming bitrate settings!

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    Question GoCoder Streaming bitrate settings!

    I do professionally live streaming and webcast from seminars, sports etc. I tested GoCoder Encong app with my Android and it seems to work well if you have good connections. I found that lowest streaming bitrate setting is "1000Kbps" what is in my opinion too high at least in Finland, because mobile 3G-4G connections are not so good that I could use those over 1000Kbps high bitrates everywhere.

    Is there any possibility to change source-code and bitrates to serve better 3G-4G connections, something like this:

    - 350Kbps,
    - 550Kbps
    - 800Kbps
    - 1200Kbps
    - 1800Kbps

    Thanks for the good app and this can be very useful for reporters and journalists

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    We have coded the GoCoder app with the bit rates tied to the selected resolution.

    For example:
    With 1080p and 720, you can choose 1000, 2500, 3750, and 5000Kbps
    With 640x480 you can choose 700, 1500, 2500, and 3500 Kbps
    With 480x360 you can choose 140, 280, 560, and 700 Kbps

    If you are referring to choosing different bit rates with the HD resolutions, that is not possible with the current version. I will submit your request to our development backlog for review.


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    I agree. The application should allow the user or advanced users to set custom BPS.

    If you have a IOS device that is jailbroken you can install a cydia app called flex. this allows you in override and insert values into any application. There is a string in gocoder -(void) setBpsinsigned int) you can manually force input a BPS datarate. I have tested and works great. Of course depending on BPS will determine your quality.
    I understand why Wowza have set fixed values to ensure a base quality standard. I Really believe users should be allowed to input own values. (toggle switch advanced mode)

    I do not know much about android but i'm sure you can do them same...

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